Operating Room Systems Ltd

With over 40 years of experience to draw upon, OPERATING ROOM SYSTEMS LTD, has earnt a reputation as a trusted suppler of innovative surgical devices across the UK and Ireland.

The strategic view for the company is to deliver a focused product portfolio primarily within the area of Minimally Invasive Surgery, and secondly through a broader surgical and clinical portfolio, within specialities such as Colorectal, Thoracic, Urology, Hepatobiliary , Gynaecology, Upper G.I, and General surgery.

Our record of working with, and supporting theatre staff and surgeons, reflects upon our commitment to building long term sustaining relationships with our customers, bringing them innovation, value and quality; along with delivering effective technical support and robust after sales service provision.

Our long term partnerships with international manufacturers and suppliers, continue to focus on supporting ever evolving surgical practice through the provision of innovation and cutting edge technology.


From a grounding in Engineering, David has spent his career within the healthcare industry. He has accumulated a wealth of experience within the area of decontamination, and has also worked across Ireland developing a number of major healthcare brands. His contacts and knowledge has allowed Operating Rooms Systems to provide a consultative resource to customers in terms of surgical instrumentation and equipment.


Following an International cycling career that concluded at the Commonwealth Games in 1998, Scott moved into commercial roles, initially with Diageo in Ireland, working with such brands as Guinness and Baileys, before entering the medical industry in 2004, managing portfolios within Urology, Ostomy and Wound Care. Since 2007 he has gained extensive experience working across Ireland, and the UK within the Minimally Invasive Surgical sector, developing long term relationships with international manufacturers of high end surgical technologies. He consequently has developed key insight and the required skill set for supporting devices within the surgical disciplines of Colorectal, Urology, Gynae, Paediatrics, Breast, HPB and Thoracic’ s. Scott was a co- founder of Operating Room Systems in 2009, and has within his commercial role ensured that Operating Room Systems is firmly positioned as a dependable long term partner and resource, to the clinicians, surgeons and theatre teams whom we are proud to support across the UK and Ireland.

Gary Calvert

Born in Manchester, and still living there with his family, Gary, has derived experience and a skill base through his varied career path that today set him apart within the industry. His indepth understanding of the UK medical devices sector built up over the last 15 years is an invaluable asset to our customers, and with the expertise to support the use of high end surgical technologies in the operating room, Gary now heads up Operating Room System’s commercial activity in GB as National Sales Director.

He draws upon many years of experience, working with substantive international manufacturers such as Karl Storz, and Frankenman. Consequently he can articulate how our business effectively responds to our customer’s needs thus ultimately ensuring better outcomes for patients. His enthusiasm and dedication to providing the highest standards to both surgeons and the theatre teams whom we work with, make him a valuable asset to our team, and could be argued is only rivalled by his passion fine single malt whisky.


Operating Room Systems Ltd, Unit B2, 22 Heron Road, Sydenham Business Park, Belfast, BT3 9LE

Steeped in history

Belfast was a major urban area back in the 18th century, and was once renowned as a world leader in the production of linen textiles, engineering and heavy industry.

Shipbuilding particularly has had a long and distinguished history at the harbour in Belfast, most notably being the home where Titanic was made and completed in 1912. Belfast has certainly gone through much change since then, and having endured a turbulent period of history throughout the 20th century, today sits as a vibrant and dynamic city, looking forward to the future, and outwardly with enthusiasm and positivity to the international marketplace.

Operating Room Systems is ideally located within the city based out of our 3300 sq ft office and warehouse facility, located in the historic Titanic Quarter of the city. Our location next to the George Best City Airport gives us extensive geographic reach across Ireland, the Uk and internationally.

Against this backdrop, where today Belfast’s history merges with new opportunity and optimism for the future , Operating Room Systems Ltd is proud to support our fantastic surgical teams across the UK and Ireland, bringing cutting edge surgical technologies from leading manufacturers around the globe.

Social responsibility