• Surgical smart knife identifies brain tumours

    Monday 1st June 2015

    Researchers at Imperial College London are developing a device that could help neurosurgeons to identify cancerous brain tumours in real time. Dubbed the "iKnife" it is hoped that it could allow tumours to be removed more precisely and reduce the risk of them coming back. Source BBC News

  • Touch Surgery - can this app help train surgeons?

    Tuesday 26th May 2015

    An app has been created which aims to help trainee medical staff perfect their surgery skills. Touch Surgery allows surgeons to practice procedures ranging from heart surgery to carpal tunnel operations - and scores are awarded for accuracy and knowledge. Source BBC NEWS

  • Robotic tentacle targets keyhole surgery

    Thursday 14th May 2015

    Engineers have constructed a robotic arm, aimed at improving surgical operations and inspired by the octopus. Just like its aquatic inspiration, the robotic tentacle has no rigid skeleton; it can bend, stretch and switch between flexible and rigid states as required. Its movement is driven by inf...

  • Goldfish undergoes eye surgery in Bristol

    Thursday 7th May 2015

    A goldfish has undergone a 45-minute operation in Bristol to remove multiple tumours from around its eye and back. The five-year-old fish, named Monty, had to be put under general anaesthetic for the "very delicate" £200 procedure. Vets used water soluble anaesthetic to knock the goldfish out be...

  • Artificial eye helps train ophthalmic surgeons

    Monday 4th May 2015

    Thousands of patients could have their eyesight saved because of a new way of training eye surgeons through simulated surgery. The technique has been developed by a Bristol company which has invented a life-like artificial eye to put them through their paces. It is hoped this model of training wi...


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