High volume stapled haemorrhoidopexy with the CPH34HV

In surgical treatment of haemorrhoidal disease, and especially when combined with ODS, a key surgical objective is the correction of internal rectal prolapse.  VUntil the introduction of the Chex™ CPH range from Frankenman International Ltd staplers used in the treatment of haemorrhoids had evolved from conventional surgical staplers, designed for conventional surgical anastomosis making their use in the treatment of associated haemorrhoidal prolapse less than ideal.


The Chex™ CPH34HV is the first device specifically designed to maximise the volume of the staple housing whilst maintaining the essential design characteristics of, what has been proven scientifically and in clinical use, to be the most effective device in use today for Stapled haemorrhoidopexy. The Chex™ CPH34HV a remarkable step forward in the treatment of haemorrhoids, ODS and associated Rectal Prolapse.

  • The Chex™ CPH34HV remarkable transparent housing gives the surgeon a new perspective on the procedure that was not possible until now
  • Lowered tissue stop to facilitate ‘pull through’ of tissue into housing
  • The largest volume staple housing on the market today allowing the resection of more tissue when clinically required

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