Innoclip Multifire Clip Applier

This range is supporting ‘The Ocean Protection Project.’


The TWSC Laparoscopic clip applier enables the surgeon to deploy multiple clips from a preloaded cartridge. Whatever the surgeons preference may be, there is a multifire cartridge option to suit the requirements of the operation. Clips come in M/L and L size options, and the cartridge shafts are available in both 5 and 10mm for M/L clips and 10mm shafts for the L clips.

All multifire cartridges can be deployed using the same handle. This means:

  • A consolidation of devices within the department;
  • Consistency of use across the surgical team;
  • Less space needed to hold stock.

As the handles are reusable there is a reduction in the level of single-use plastic that is being generated and disposed of, and additionally less ongoing cost for the department.



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