Polymer Ligation Clips

Our extensive range of polymer ligation clips allow the surgeon to determine the correct clip size from:

  • Medium/Large
  • Large
  • Extra Large


Our comprehensive range of Polymer Ligation clip appliers cover the surgical requirements across numerous disciplines. The Polymer Ligation clips are single loaded from the clip cartridge onto the clip appliers designed either for open or laparoscopic use.

The range will provide for  L, and XL clip sizes on a 10mm instrument shaft.   In addition a 5mm option is available in a m/L clip size.  Laparoscopic clip appliers are available in 9 / 20 / 45 degree jaw angles.

Laparoscopic clip removers are also available.

The clips are pre-installed into a colour coded  cartridge unit for ease of clip insertion onto the applicator.



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