Lexion AP 50/30

The AP 50/30 is the world’s first comprehensive pneumo management system created for the surgeon and the patient. It delivers 100% CO2 to reduce the incidence of subcutaneous emphysema as compared to CO2 with added air.*
Using air (nitrogen) to supplement pneumo has been shown to be hazardous and harmful to patients.**
AP 50/30 insufflator provides true insufflation delivery of 50 liters per minute. This Insuflattor used with the InsuflowPort® can measure real time pressure at the patient abdomen providing the safest design on the market. Pneumoperitoneum has never been more consistent even in the most extreme conditions of surgery.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, surgical societies released the following statements:

  • Make use of a closed smoke evacuation/filtration system with Ultra Low Particulate Air Filtration (ULPA) capability (AAGL)
  • Laparoscopic suction may be used to remove surgical plume and desufflate the abdominal cavity (AAGL)
  • Do not vent pneumoperitoneum into the room (AAGL)
  • Minimize leakage of CO2 from the trocars (Annals of Surgery)
  • Avoid using two way pneumoperitoneum insufflators to prevent pathogens colonization of circulating aerosols in pneumoperitoneum circuit of the insufflator (Annals of Surgery)
  • For laparoscopic procedures, use of devices to filter released CO2 for aerosolized particles should be strongly considered (SAGES)
  • Keep intraoperative pneumoperitoneum pressure and CO2 ventilation at the lowest possible levels without compromising the surgical field exposure (Annals of Surgery)
  • Employ electrosurgical and ultrasonic devices in a manner that minimizes production of plume, with low power setting and avoidance of long desiccation times (AAGL)


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