Patient positioning

Vacuform® 2.0 is provided with a new technology of a special coated pur foil on the bottom side and makes them slipproof. the coating of the upper side is particularly soft, fl exible and absolutely stable in form. Vacuform® 2.0 contains no latex, pVc and zero softening agents such as e. g. dehp and biocompatible. the opti mized pressure relief ensures the micro circulation needed by skin.

Vacuform® 2.0 is 100% permeable to X-rays as well as suitable for MRI and CT use, and they are equipped with a plastic valve for one-handed operation. thanks to the new materials and technologies, Vacuform® 2.0 provides highest possible comfort for the patient while ensuring optimal working conditional for the surgical stuff and surgeon.

The product benefits of Vacuform® 2.0 surgical mattresses

  • Optimized pressure relief (pressure test of ETH-HEMPA**)
  • Free of latex, PVC and softening agents (biocompatible)
  • 100% suitable for X-ray, MRI and CT use
  • Image converter application possible during surgery
  • In color-therapy, the color magenta next to green is described:
    “Having a general harmonizing effect on body and soul”

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