Pocket Retrieval Bag Range

This range of options will allow the surgeon to operate with their bag of choice for most surgical procedures. For surgeons who laparoscopically morcellate tissue, the Lantex range now incorporates a morcellation bag specifi cally for that purpose.
The rip resistant nylon material has been specially designed to give a soft pliable texture, which is easy for the surgeon to manoeuvre and position. The material is sealed and securely stitched along the seams to create a strong and robust bag, capable of withstanding high levels of tensile force, with a tapered profi le helping deliver easier extraction from the patient.


Sail technology on competitive sailing boats make all the difference to performance. The materials used possess the key properties of being lightweight yet retaining incredibly high tensile strength and rip resistance.

  • High tensile strength
  • High impermeability
  • Stitched & sealed seams
  • Lightweight rip resistant fabric
  • Tapered profile eases extraction

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