TaTme & Tamis Ports

An innovative Universal TransAnal Access Platform, meticulously designed based on feedback from Global Key Opinion Leaders in the field of TAMIS and TaTME.
Several unique features have been developed to improve “ease of use”, bring added functionality & flexibility, which may help to improve surgical outcomes.


  • 2 unique port configurations are available to allow for different surgical approaches & techniques.
  • Using a combination of 5mm and 12mm universal seals. 2 integral gas channels, with stopcock valves, for simultaneous insufflation and/or smoke evacuation – accommodating standard laparoscopic insufflation tubing.
  • No insertion of additional sleeves or trocars due to Integral instrument access ports.
  • No intrusion of access ports into transanal access channel, reduces instrument collision & allows greater freedom of movement
  • Unique silicon design allows for greater triangulation and smooth instrument manipulation.
  • Unique design of port caps allows for easy removal, if required. This feature allows surgeons to also utilise either a robotic system, or, alternative “Insufflation Management Systems”.
  • Simple detachment from transanal access channel allows for large specimen extraction.
  • Surgeons believe that the device may reduce gas leakage.

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