Our proven-quality HD telescope program has been notably
extended. The TONTARRA telescope portfolio now features
not only more models but a new generation of optics:

In order to meet the demands of TATME and TAMIS procedures, the high definition quality from these scopes come in the required scope diameters and longer lengths.  These specific specifications allow the surgeon better ergonomics  and instrument access within a very confined space. 

TONTARRA HD+2 & HD+4 TELESCOPES: The future is today

The fast pace of development in the field of optical imaging sometimes puts purchasers in a difficult spot: Will the telescope acquired today support the latest technologic advances of innovative optical systems?

Hi-tech hybrid surgical theatres equipped with the most advanced medical imaging devices are on the rise; the TONTARRA HD2+ and HD+4 telecopes with its completely new visualization characteristics pertain to the latest generation of high definition optics and match both, current state-of-the–art and future camera systems.

In view of the new and rapid developments in imaging techniques, our HD2+ & HD4+ generations already feature characteristics, which will be incorporated as standard of tomorrow´s imaging systems.

TONTARRA´s recommendation of use:
u HD+2 for 2nd generation & full HD imaging Systems
u HD+4 for 4k imaging systems



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