Transport was developed to improve on and compensate for shortcomings that were found in existing trocars within the market. Sizes having been adjusted, now vary between 3mm to 12mm. It also has a grasp anchoring system and smoke filter.

t-PORT was developed with the trocar in mind. With a simple design and matching functions, the cost is lower than its counterpart. It comes in both disposable and reusable models, with sizes varying between 5mm to 12mm.


Star Sealing System

The Star Sealing System has multi-layered silicon leaves shaped like a star to prevent air leakage. The grip also allows surgeons to hold the instrument firmly and softly


Transport comes with two smoke filtering systems that filter out hazardous surgical smoke, while providing a clear vision during surgery.


The T-Grip was ergonomically designed as a grasp handling system for improved grip and slip prevention, in order to efficiently insert the instrument into the abdomen.

Grasp Anchoring System

The ergonomically designed Grasp Anchoring System provides better trocar fixation onto the abdominal wall, preventing accidental misplacement during surgery.

Glide Design(Glide Housing)

The Glide Housing allows the surgeon to softly glide other instruments into the curved funnel without causing damage to tissue. This can be done with either one hand or the grasp anchoring system.

Condensing Light Stinger(Clearly Optical Viewer)

The Condensing Light Stinger provides excellent visualization and illuminates microscopic objects to provide superior contrast and detailed recognition.

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