Gubbini System

The Gubbini Mini Hystero-Resectoscope offers a multitude of options for non-invasive diagnostic and  therapeutical  Gynaecology. The Gubbini Mini Hystero-Resectoscope System allows both, hysteroscopy and resectoscopy  with reduced diameter of the shaft. The 16 Fr. Mini-Resectoscope with continuous  flow and optional 5 Fr. working channel provides the possibility of a rapid and gentle endoscopic therapy for a wide range of endo-uterine diseases. By way of introducing miniature loops which are shaped ideally to the given anatomical proportions, the strain to female patients could be clearly reduced. The miniature loops are presently offered in two different patterns – with and without high frequency current for coagulation. The loop without HF current is typically used for blunt preparation.

The Gubinni System offers:

  • Distal ceramic on the outer tube
  • Resectoscopy treatment for outpatient care
  • Quick Lock connecting System for sheath – working element interface
  • Speciality Electrodes can be placed atop the telescope thus allowing a better view
  • Processing of high-sophisticated materials like Titanium in the manufacture of the Resectoscope
  • Additional telescope bridge available with 5 Fr. Working channel
  • A variety of HF- and preparation electrodes are available
  • Specially designed electrodes are essential to help lowering the risk for most gynaecological applications
  • Optimized continuous flow rate for a much clearer endoscopic visibility

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