Cardica MicroCutter Xchange30 - 5mm Stapler

The MicroCutter XCHANGE 30 is a cartridge-based, minimally invasive stapling system with a 5mm shaft diameter. Combining several new and revolutionary technologies, this device is designed so that procedures are not limited by the stapling device.

Every port could be a stapling port, eliminating the need to upsize trocars from 5mm to 12mm just to fire the stapler.

80 degrees of articulation at the push of a button provides the widest reach of any stapler available and gives push button/fingertip access to reach difficult anatomy from every stapling port.

The device is the smallest profile stapler cartridge available today, which may reduce the amount of tissue dissection and handling to get the stapler in proper position to fire. At the same time, the MicroCutter XCHANGE 30 may greatly improve access and visualization at the stapling site.

The MicroCutter XCHANGE 30 uses reloadable cartridges with a 30mm staple line length and an integrated knife. The cartridge comes with either blue staples, for medium tissue thicknesses, or white staples, for thin tissues such as vascular structures. The XCHANGE 30 is currently indicated to fire up to four (4) times per device, with additional fires planned in the future.

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