Alpha Range


Improved patient warming for better clinical outcomes.

Inditherm have established themselves as experts in heating and warming solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Their innovative, world-leading technology now leads warming practice for patient care in surgery and other critical care situations.

There is widespread clinical evidence of the benefits of patient warming for the prevention of hypothermia. The clinical benefits are clearly demonstrable, such as improved morbidity and mortality, lower infection rates, less time in recovery, reduced incidence of pressure sores, shorter hospital stays and large cost savings.

The thermoregulatory system is affected from the onset of anaesthesia, with the fastest fall in temperature during the initial period. This makes hypothermia a real possibility, even for short surgical procedures. Similarly, trauma and other emergency situations often lead to rapid depression of core temperature. There is little dispute that prevention of hypothermia leads to better outcomes for the patient and savings for the hospital. It has also been well established that maintenance of normothermia is much better than re-warming.

Inditherm’s patented flexible carbon polymer technology has been used as an innovative solution for preventing hypothermia. The Inditherm Alpha systems combine more effective thermal
transfer with simplicity of use that makes them superior to other methods currently available. The technology provides significant financial benefits, making routine warming of all patients affordable and convenient.

Alpha range products are available in different sizes for the operating room, emergency room and recovery room setting.


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