Neonates are often prone to hypothermia outside the intensive care or special care units. Active warming therapy can avoid the need for more intensive intervention, and improve the baby’s early development.

The use of an incubator in cases where most of the complex facilities are not required can unnecessarily tie up valuable resources. This increases costs, and in some cases hinders nursing access to the patient and creates anxiety for parents.

Traditionally, active warming has been achieved using an incubator, and therefore in many situations only passive heat retention methods have been practical. More recently, heated mattresses and blankets have been introduced, but these have a

number of shortcomings. Inditherm have now revolutionised the technology for warming and produced an affordable system that offers major advantages over traditional methods.  Inditherm’s patented flexible carbon polymer technology has been used as an innovative solution for preventing or treating hypothermia in a range of clinical applications. CosyTherm systems combine

effective thermal transfer with simplicity of use, providing a warming system that is superior to other methods currently available.

The CosyTherm system is ideally suited for use in neonatal intensive care departments or special care baby units. In some cases it can be used instead of an incubator, where only the warming function is needed. Equally it can be used as a “step-down”

facility following incubator nursing. Active warming can also be of significant benefit for babies in a normal maternity setting. This can be used to prevent the onset of hypothermia in vulnerable neonates, improving early development and avoiding the need for more intensive treatment later.  The system is ideal for use in transport and other patient transfer situations. The compact,

lightweight design, combined with battery operation and DC power input make it a perfect solution for these applications.

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