NUCLeUS™ smartly integrates digital operating rooms.
You are looking into a rapidly changing hospital environment and are preparing for a future-proof system. Today’s operating rooms are continuously evolving, due to the arrival of new medical equipment. The surgical suite needs to be productive during and after this transition, requiring an overdose of flexibility. Any future-oriented hospital should consider tomorrow’s expansion today.


Imagine a tool that answers all of tomorrow’s questions. A system that provides centralised and coordinated access to all audio/video technology in the OR. A platform offering various ergonomic enhancements such as control over surgical lamps, cameras, ventilation and others. A smart aid during diagnostics. A software that is intuitive, flexible and future-proof.

This is what we call NUCLeUS™

Data Management - NUCLeUS™ provides convenient archiving of all patient and image data. The recordings can be seamlessly integrated with PACS, EPR and HIS. High-definition images are paramount to presentations. NUCLeUS™ introduces a unique feature with the simultaneous recording function. The surgeon can record multiple sources at the same time and can even postpone the choice of recording quality until after the intervention.  High-quality and archiving-quality clips can be launched at the same time and be used flexibly at a later stage.

Key features of NUCLeUS™-

  • Integration
  • Switching
  • Data management
  • Streaming

As the NUCLeUS™ system is Digital by design, it delivers a solution that is -

  • Future-proof and scalable
  • Versatile and robust
  • A Single-cable solution
  • RtoR™ technology
  • Compliant with IHE standards
  • DICOM & HL7 compliant
  • According to information safety codes
  • Complies with the electrical and mechanical safety standardsIn line with infection prevention guidelines

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