Shaped for an unobstructed view, REVEEL offers superior exposure of the operating site and is optimized for large, fatty livers. The 90mm HARP SHAPE and rigid CENTRAL I-BEAM enable the liver to be well mobilized and prevent the left lobe from flopping into the field of view.

REVEEL’s patented retraction surface features ACTIVE TRACTION – a composite material that really “sticks” to the liver and stops it from sliding around during the procedure. ACTIVE TRACTION creates a retraction surface with a Coefficient of Friction [COF] 171% greater than traditional metallic retractors. A high friction interface means: less retraction force; reduced possibility of inadvertent crushing of the liver; less slippage; and less frustration.

The combination of ACTIVE TRACTION and the unique HARP SHAPE forms a strong, yet accommodating structure that allows truly gentle retraction.


There is no need for additional trocars when using REVEEL. With the same diameter as an industry standard 5mm cannula, REVEEL’s profiled tip facilitates easy, low force insertion, whilst the internal seals help maintain pneumoperitoneum and prevent messy fluid leaks.


Created by award winning instrument designers, the ergonomic handle is comfortable, intuitive, and easy to use. Pull-and-go actuation allows the retraction surface to be locked in the desired shape and the one-touch QUICK RELEASE mechanism allows for safe, yet rapid deactivation.  REVEEL is fast and easy to use: no excessive manipulation to position the retractor; no tedious actuation screws.

Simply target, actuate, mobilize, retract, and clamp in place using a standard instrument clamp. Heavy, floppy livers retracted in seconds


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