The used material is 100 % silicone. Due to a cross linking of macromolecules the silicone is excellently resilient and it has a high elasticity. This material does not contain softening agents and it is non-ageing. The outer plastic film is made of polyurethane. It is impermeable to bacteria also in case it is stretched, permeable to steam and eudermic. The used plastic is resistant to many substances and liquids and to many demands.

GEL-A-MED® products are indispensable health aids for the treatment of patients endangered by bedsore in rehabilitation centres, hospitals, nursing homes and within the home care.

GEL-A-MED® products consist of 100% silicone. The elasticity of the silicone allows the use at various parts of the body and reduces the skin shear effect to a minimum.

GEL-A-MED® products have an enlarged contact surface. High support pressure of the patient is reduced by an enlarged contact surface and so an optimal blood circulation is guaranteed.

GEL-A-MED® products are resilient, non-ageing and do not show material fatigue, also not in case of major mechanical influences. This is due to a cross linking of macromolecules of the silicone.

GEL-A-MED® products have a leakage protection. The mixing ratio prevents leakage of the silicone in case of damage of the outer film.

GEL-A-MED® products have a breathable, sturdy outer film of polyurethane. This outer film has microscopically small holes and it so enables a favourable microclimate between the skin of the patient and the GEL-A-MED® product.

GEL-A-MED® products are resistant to urine and do not absorb any smell.

GEL-A-MED® products from 100% silicone are temperature-resistant from -40 °C up to +140 °C.

GEL-A-MED® products are 90% radiolucent to x-rays.

GEL-A-MED® products have the TÜV inspections and the Certification.


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