Gamma Finder

Gamma Finder® II

Setting the Standard in Intraoperative Lymph Node Mapping Technology

The Gamma Finder® probe is best suited for Sentinel Node and Parathyroid Localization in Surgical Oncology. Its unique design puts simplicity and accuracy at the surgeon’s fingertips. The Gamma Finder® probe will detect and give a numerical indication and an acoustic signal when in proximity of a gamma ray emitting source.  Once the sentinel node or gland location has been detected, the cordless Gamma Finder® probe can be set down within the sterile field without interfering with the operative procedure’s progress. This enables the surgeon to easily re examine or confirm any location already detected without help from assistant. The Gamma Finder® probe is the only cordless hand-held probe on the market today. Compact, lightweight and versatile, the Gamma Finder® probe is easily transported from operating room to operating room in its own sturdy carry case.

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