The secret of perfected adaption to the body by Vacuform surgical mattresses is the mircoballs of stryofoam, which are stabilised by vacuum, to give a lasting completely supportive form. Reducing the diameter of the filler balls by a fifth enables significantly more precise adaption of the surgical mattress to the body. The new MicroSpace system increases the feeling of physical comfort for the patient significantly compare to conventional fillings.

Particularly during time consuming operations, or with patients who are older and in poorer condition there is a risk of pressure points leading to acute decubital ulcers and paresis (paralysis from nerve damage)The individual ergonomic  body adaptation of Vacuform surgical mattress effectively prevents such damage. The support pressure of the patient is optimally distributed over the whole body and thus reduced to a minimum. The microcirculation needed by the skin is unaffected. The patient has a noticeable feeling of comfort, a feeling of lightness and  warmth .

The patient can be immobilised quickly and securely in any desired position. This gives the surgeon optimally access to the operation area and allows safe handling of the patient. Even in the most extremely titling of the surgery table the does not change the defined position of the patient. The surgical positioning can be changed at any time by relleving the Vacuform, forming the surgical mattress to the new position of the patient and then evacuating the air again. Moreover, Vacuform surgical mattress enable transport between hospitals in a defined surgical position.

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