For more than 40 years Tontarra has been recognized as a leader in quality and precision manufacturing of surgical instruments by continually implementing the latest advances in technology and production.

As with the Tontarra Hysteroscopy range, a main feature also of the Tontarra cystoscopy range is its Quick Lock connecting system. This allows the sheath which is rigidly coupled with the connecting system to be very easily assembled and disassembled.  Due to the spring locking the centering  of the inner and outer sheaths is optimized compared to the established Bayonet-type instruments.  The precise labelling  on the instrument makes it easy to operate the connecting system. Compared to the long established Bayonet-type of connection, the Quick Lock system is characterized by a smooth disengagement when taking the sheaths apart, and a tight sealing of the two sheaths when connected.

Our Cystoscopy range from Tontarra offers a full selection of sheaths and  various scope options to suit your specific requirements.

Our sales representative in your area will be happy to assist you with any product enquiry you may have regarding the Tontarra Cystoscopy range.

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