Orbitaris Laparoscopic Bipolar Forceps

ORBITARIS bipolar forceps with rotating handle. This new innovative design provides the surgeon with comfortable ergonomic handling in all working positions. The handles rotate independently of the shaft, so the instrument can be controlled in a relaxed natural way, reducing fatigue and enabling precise handling and control during surgery.

Simple one handed operation
The extended flanks on the electrode shaft, give the surgeon enhanced single finger control over the full 360° rotation available, resulting in precise control of the electrodes position. The shaft and the electrode are inserted and locked into the handle with a click stop as in the well proven POWERGRIP bipolar forceps. The electrode inserts of the POWERGRIP are fully compatible with the ORBITARIS handle resulting in a wide range of proven electrodes being available for use. This also gives POWERGRIP customers wishing to upgrade to the enhanced ergonomic handling of ORBITARIS an economic route.

Convenient locking device
The ORBITARIS can be supplied with an ergonomically positioned locking device that can be operated by both right- and left-handed users enables the surgeon to lock the rotating handle in the chosen position. Just as easily, the locking device can be disengaged in order to move the rotating handle to a new position

Rotating handle
The handle can be rotated through 360°, so the surgeons ideal ergonomic handling position can be achieved. The surgeon and patient requirement for function and safety has been greatly enhanced, over standard handles, to include surgeon comfort during the demands of minimally invasive surgery.

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