Singular Use Reloadable Linear Stapler

Chex’s Linear Stapler is a product that has proven consistently reliable performance in terms of tissue compression and staple formation. The LS stapler features a large 20mm jaw opening  allowing easy manoeuvre of tissue between the anvil and cartridge.  The range included white , green and blue cartidges, and provides cartridge lengths of 30, 45, 60 and 90 mm

The device also features:

  • Manual and Automatic Tissue Locating Pin.
  • Middle interlock positioning

As with the Linear Cutter range, the Linear Stapler range, also features inbuilt safety features in terms of integrated cartridge safety interlock system.  This prevents firing of used and empty cartridges.

Key Features

  • Large Parallel jaw opening: 20mm, consistent compression, consistent staple formation
  • Manual/Automatic tissue locating pin
  • Reloads for different tissue thickness
  • Cartridge safety interlock device- Prevents firing of used/empty cartridges
  • Middle interlock position

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