What's new about THE CPH 34HV

The CPH 34HV features many of the improvements made to the CPH range that set it apart from all competitors...just more of them.


Through a radical, but well tested, re‐design of the internal mechanisms (Staple housing, staple pusher, blade mounting and tissue stop) we have increased the staple housing volume to 22968.4mm³. We lowered the tissue stop to allow purse string and tissue entering the housing to move smoothly into the tissue storage area and redesigned the anvil shaft support system to increase internal volumes to the maximum. In addition we rounded the internal edges and circumferentially mounted the cutting blade….making tissue movement and tissue storage significantly better and larger.

What does this mean?

After clinical testing it has been proven that the Chex™ CPH 34HV can resect and store over 50% more than PPH 01, Covidien’s HEEA resects 30% less tissue and PPH 03 34.7% less tissue.


CPH 34HV unique transparent tissue housing dramatically improves visual feedback….seeing is believing.

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